T-Shirt Biodegradable Shopper Bag


For a tough and durable plastic bag, choose this our biodegradable shopper T-shirt bag. It's made of PBAT, PLA, measures 9 4/5" x 15 3/4". With the same heat / cold tolerance and shelf life as traditional plastic bags, this environmentally-friendly option provides the same convenience without wastefulness and damaging carbon footprint and keeps the earth healthy. This bag allow you to feel confident in carrying it around anywhere, be it a local mom and pop store or a hotel. You can contact me to order bags of different sizes, and I will give you the latest quotation. Price includes shipping cost to CA. QTY over 50000 by ocean. We will always online.


Price from $0.06 - $0.24

Pricing and Charges
Quantity Price Per Unit 2000 -4999 $0.24 5000 -7999 $0.21 8000 -9999 $0.20 10000 -19999 $0.19 20000 -49999 $0.16 50000 -99999 $0.07 100000 + $0.06